— Real-time Communication for Deno

One year to the day, and almost three since its announcement, Ryan Dahl, the creator of Node, and his team released Deno v1.0. The alternative runtime sought to alleviate the pain points many developers, including Dahl himself, have with Node, such as its relative lack of security and its infamous package manager. The case for adopting Deno is strong as support for and interest in Deno continues to grow, especially in light of Dahl announcing the Deno company in March, which pledges to keep Deno MIT licensed. With all the excitement surrounding Deno, Team Sono is proud to announce v1.1.

What is

How does it work?

The server class object features Channels as a way to send messages to Clients that share the same Channel. Channels provide flexibility in determining how data flows between one Client to another or many others.

The client class object provides a way to make a WebSocket connection. It’s used primarily to gain access to properties such as WebSocket EventHandlers and and functionality like custom event handlers.

What can I do with it?

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